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This page contains update information and documents that may be released from time to time.


Investigation Catalyst requires Macs for data processing and graphics generation tasks, but accomodates cross-platform inputs and produces cross-platform compatible outputs. Investigation Catalyst will offer an interactive web-based interface, with new features including remote project initiation, data entry, editing and review of data; interactive analytical support; and on line output displays and reviews. Request an IC beta DEMO from Starline Software Ltd.

Version 1.2

  • Version 1.2 introduced direct entry of event durations, manually-adjustable displays of overlapping events to facilitate support for analysis of the effects of event timing and overlapping events during accidents or for process development and assessment tasks. The Help menus were updated to cover new features, and enhance self-teaching experience and cross-references.

  • Version 1.2.2 is now available for Mac Intel computers. Requires OS X 10.4 or better.

    The Help Menu tutorials load directly from the Help Menu by clicking on their name.

Version 1.2 Build 33 (2/7/07)

  • Build 33 fixes some minor help display problems.

Download updated Trial version v1.2 or v1.2.2.

You can use your current registration number with this update if you are a registered user.

Starline welcomes the support, advice and critiques of anyone sharing these investigation process improvement objectives.


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