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About us

Starline Software provides support for the MES investigation process and the Investigation Catalyst software to registered users, at no cost.

  • The Investigation Catalyst download package includes extensive help and tutorials files, and registered users are provided the 10 MES Investigation Guides. The Help files provide step by step instructions for using all the features of the software during investigations. The Tutorials provide guidance for skill building with various kinds of investigation tasks, including Frequently Asked Questions about several of the tasks. The MES Guides provide step by step instructions, with explanations, for use during investigations. In addition, the Technical Notes of this Web Site may have the answers to investigation or software quesiton. Use the Search function on the Home Page to locate information on this and some referenced sites.

  • If after consulting these supporting documents you are still experiencing difficulties that you have not been able to resolve, Starline offers e-mail support . Send an email describing your problem to Support at investigationcatalyst.com; you questions will be answered within 48 hours, Monday through Friday.

  • If your project is being delayed because you need a faster answer to your question, phone Starline at 1-703 620 2270.

If questions of significant importance are brought to our attention, they will be addressed with updates to the appropriate documents, and disseminated promptly to everyone who has provided their e-mail address.

At this time, Starline offers unregistered users of the Trial Version free e-mail support, and will answer e-mail inquiries on a time available basis.

Users can register the software from the application.


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