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About us

References in this section are limited to URLs on which documents relating to the MES investigation system or use of the software are posted. Each of the referenced URLs in the first section has a worrd and phrase search capability to help Users find the topic of interest.

  • Starline Software Ltd.

    • This site includes many references to research reports, audio visual aids, papers about investgations, historical information and ordering information for site contents.

  • Investigation Process Research Roundtable and Library

    • This site contains over 300 references to accident investigation research, editorials, papers, research topics, research reports, investigation theory, links to other sites, etc.

  • Personal Archives of Ludwig Benner

    • This site contains over 80 publications by the author relating to accident investigation and hazardous materials response, among other topics.
      Starline welcomes the support, advice and critiques of anyone sharing these investigation process improvement objectives.

Contact us for additional information about anything at these sites.