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Investigation Catalyst

What is it?

Investigation Catalyst is a new genre of self-directing, collaborative investigation support software for documenting, understanding, analyzing and improving phenomena and processes of all kinds faster and better when used with the underlying research defining behavior-oriented investigation technology.

Who can use it?

Anyone who performs or manages investigations, AND is serious about finding something better than they use now. It can help accident investigators, police and fire investigators, researchers, reporters, designers, hazard analysts, maintenance supervisors, insurance investigators, teachers and trainers, among others.

What does it do?

It "catalyzes" or improves the efficiency and value of investigative and analytical tasks like

  • process development and data documentation,
  • analysis of process hazards or breakdowns,
  • accident and incident investigations,
  • investigation quality assurance,
  • change management,
  • hypothesis documentation, and
  • recommendation development, evaluation and documentation.

How does it work better?

It improves efficiency and value by helping investigators

  • identify and define the data they need to describe and understand what they are investigating;
  • enter, update and see investigation data and status any time from any place with web access;
  • structure, organize, link and test relevance and validity of data as it is acquired;
  • display coupled interactions to show their interdependency;
  • pinpoint each behavior impeding better performance;
  • identify and compare merits of each potential action option for improving performance;
  • define tasks required to monitor actual performance changes vs. predicted changes;
  • test the logic of the investigation outputs;
  • communicate interim and final investigation results quickly and persuasively; and
  • produce an organizational memory of problem behaviors and remedies useable across organizational functions.
Open Preview for a quick look at some of its main features.

How can I try it?

That's easy. Download the Investigation Catalyst trial package for Mac OS 10.2 or later here.
(You may have to hold down the Option key before clicking on the Download link for the download to open properly, depending on how your computer is configured.)

Download Now
(File size: 3.7M)   

This trial package is fully functional except it has a 50 event block limitation. It includes the application with multiple data entry, editing, display, analysis, import and export capabilities, default evaluation guidance and criteria, tutorials, self-help learning Guides, examples and more. You can purchase the registration at a special introductory price from within the application to remove the 50 event block limitation.